Social Skills/Pragmatics in School Age Children

Social Pragmatic Language Disorders may also be known as semantic/pragmatic language disorder, non-verbal learning disability (NLD).

Early Signs and Symptoms

  • Excessive questioning.
  • Lack of eye contact.
  • Excessive talk about specific subjects in too much detail.
  • Only talking about him/herself.
  • Uninterested in other school age children.
  • Unable to engage in conversational exchange.
  • Literal/concrete understanding of language.
  • Difficulty with abstract language: figurative language, idioms, expressions.
  • Verbal problem-solving: why when, how do you know?;
  • Double meanings;
  • Innuendos;
  • Jokes
  • Tendency to be overly literal and not understand riddles and sarcasm
  • Difficulty initiating and maintaining conversations
  • Difficulty staying on topics of conversation
  • Unable to take the listener’s perspective.
  • Unable to read/interpret body language, facial expressions.
  • Unable to express feelings.
  • Difficulty making inferences and understanding things that are implied, but not stated explicitly
  • Not giving background information when speaking to an unfamiliar person
  • Not understanding how to properly greet people, request information or gain attention

Information courtesy of the Kaufman Children’s Center.

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